YouTuber Faces Backlash For Harassing ITZY’s Chaeryeong During A Flight

Chaeryeong eventually had to change seats.

A YouTuber is reportedly facing backlash for harassing ITZY‘s Chaeryeong during a flight.

ITZY | @itzyofficial/Twitter

Recently, YouTuber Kagwang filmed a livestream during a flight. JYP Entertainment‘s ITZY was also on the same flight.

Kagwang | @kagwang/YouTube

During the livestream, ITZY’s Chaeryeong reportedly appeared, but the YouTuber didn’t recognize her. Frustrated, audience members bombarded the chat telling the YouTuber that Chaeryeong was on the same flight, to which the YouTuber revealed he wasn’t familiar with the idol.

I don’t know her. Who is Chaeryeong?

— Kagwang

Once realizing he was on the same flight as the idol, the YouTuber reportedly started singing ITZY’s hit song, “DALLA DALLA,” and pretended to be speaking to JYP Entertainment’s founder, Park Jin Young, out loud. Seeing this, Chaeryeong moved her seat.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong (right) | @kagwang/YouTube

Because of this, audience members reportedly criticized the YouTuber while at the same time praising Chaeryeong for the way she handled the situation.

  • “This is harassment.”
  • “Why did you act like you were speaking to Park Jin Young on the phone?”
  • “Chaeryeong must have been shocked.”
  • “If she moved seats, then she handled the situation well.”
  • “You have no manners.”
  • “You acted like you didn’t know her, then started singing ‘DALLA DALLA.'”
  • “You should have been quiet during the flight.”

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Source: wikitree