YouTuber Go Toe Kyung Took a Selfie with Tzuyu’s Mom

“I gave her my signature.”

If you like TWICE but don’t know who Youtuber Go Toe Kyung is, you’re in for a treat.

Go Toe Kyung rose to stardom through his humorous K-POP dance covers on YouTube.

Here’s a video of him dancing to TWICE’s “TT”.

And one of him dancing to TWICE’s “Knock Knock”.

On the 27th of last month, Go Toe Kyung posted a picture on his Instagram account.

In the photo, he can be seen making a heart with his fingers inside a cafe. What really drew his fans’ attention Tzuyu‘s mom, who was also captured beside him.

The caption read, “I went to the cafe that you must visit when you go to Taiwan, met Tzuyu’s mom, danced to “Cheer Up” for her, and even left my signature on her wall.”

He also proceeded by saying,

“1. When I cautiously asked her if I could take a photo with her, she said yes, asked if her dog, Gucci could join, and then brought him over.”

“2. The cafe was filled with signed TWICE posters, and they only played TWICE’s music. Thanks to that, time flew while I was there.”

“3. Just like I saw in pictures, many famous people left their signatures on the wall, and Tzuyu’s mom asked for mine as well, so I left one with trembling hands. Thank you very much. If you go there, take lots of pictures, everyone.”


Source: Top Star News


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