YouTuber Grayson Dolan Mocks Overworked K-Pop Idols

He responded back to the K-Pop fans’ criticisms.

The famous Youtuber Grayson Dolan, one of the Dolan Twins, made a comment on a Youtube video that upset some K-Pop fans.


In the controversial clip, Grayson Dolan pretended to faint and when he got up, he said, “We’re like K-Pop.”


The other three Youtubers in the video began cracking up after he said this.


Many K-Pop fans have apparently been offended by the Youtuber’s joke claiming that it was a mockery of K-Pop idols.


Others simply laughed it off and supported Grayson Dolan’s joke.


Nonetheless, he made an apology for the incident and explained that it was a misunderstanding and that he had no intentions of mocking K-Pop.


He also clarified once again that it was all a misunderstanding.


Watch the segment below: