YouTube’s Top Stars Reveal Their Opinions About BTS

In classic Fine Brothers style, a new YouTuber’s React to K-Pop was released on YouTube.

This time, however, was special. The episode was entirely dedicated to just one group – BTS!

Famous YouTuber’s Dan and Phil, Wengie, Brooklyn and Bailey, Boogie2988, Dodie Clark, Safiya Nygaard, Ben and Cristine, Nathan Zed, and Corinne and Rob sat down to experience BTS.


The Fine Bros kicked the show off the way you ought to – with BTS’s debut MV for “No More Dream”.

They then took the YouTuber’s through BTS’s sophomore releases including “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” and “Boy In Luv”.

“There’s so many of them – it’s like an army!”

– Bailey of Brooklyn and Bailey

“Boy In Luv” definitely caught attention (especially V – that orange hair)!

The true favorites, of course, were some of BTS’s most recent releases with their evolved music style – particularly “Fire”.

“I feel like I’d love to see them live, they’d be so good.”

– Dodie Clark

BTS’s smash hit “Not Today” won the most praise of all the songs presented, especially from the beloved Daniel Howell.


“This is my favorite BTS song.”

– Daniel Howell

BTS’s more complex narrative works also caught the YouTuber’s attention for its serious style.

“I loved it! It was so good.”

– Boogie2988

The overwhelming sentiment was that BTS’s self-produced style and tough topic approach to their music (and how handsome they are) make them super appealing abroad. 

“Their skin is so smooth – they look like angels.”

– Dodie Clark

Nathan Zed, who enjoyed their stuff from the start, left the most well put sentiment ARMY and the world feels like when it comes to BTS, their sound, style, and massive popularity.

“This is insane.”

– Nathan Zed

Watch the full 12-minute experience below.