Youtuber Sneaks Into BTS’ Concert Venue In London

He filmed himself breaking in.

A Youtuber that goes by the nickname “sexyjefo” has apparently snuck into BTS’ concert venue, O2 Arena, in London and made a Youtube video out of it.


The Youtuber and his friend first broke into the venue and stole uniforms to wear inside.


Wearing the uniforms, they passed through numerous obstacles and finally succeeded in sneaking into the building.


Later, the Youtuber indicated in the video that they were caught and the videos deleted. However, this didn’t stop them from trying again.


After successfully sneaking into the building on their second attempt, the Youtuber and his friend proceeded to sleep in a corner of the arena and then in the bathroom.


After waking up from their nap, they discovered BTS during their sound check and continued to watch and film their rehearsal.


The video has since been deleted from the Youtuber’s account, but fans have been on a mission to report “sexyjefo” for his behavior.


Watch the full video here: