Han Ye Seul’s Accusers Garo Sero Institute Charged With Making Unfound Allegations

The YouTubers were investigated on charges of libel.

On April 18, media outlet Hankook Ilbo reported that infamous YouTubers Garo Sero Institute had been forwarded to prosecutors on libel charges.

Kim Yong Suk (left) and Kim Se Ui (right) of Garo Sero Institute | News1

The YouTubers were investigated on charges of libel stemming from their allegations about actress Han Ye Seul and politician Cho Kuk and his family.

According to the report, on April 15, Gangnam Police Department decided that the YouTubers made unfounded allegations regarding Cho Kuk’s son’s military deferment and Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend’s past occupation.

Cho Kuk | Korea Herald

Garo Sero Institute is made up of Kim Sae Ui, Kang Yong Suk, Kim Yong Ho, and Lee Bong Kyu. The channel had previously alleged that Cho Kuk’s son was exempted from military service due to preferential treatment. The channel also alleged that Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend was a male host at an adult establishment for women.

Han Ye Seul | @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

Han Ye Seul had previously responded to the claims by saying, “People keep telling me that he finessed me, but I think the term itself is funny. Why is a woman who has money finessed if they want to treat their man?”

The actress followed by asking, “If a man treats his woman well, is he then also finessed?”

Han Ye Seul and her boyfriend | @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

The YouTubers also alleged Cho Kuk’s daughter drove a red Porsche. When a particular professor gave his daughter a low score, the politician had sent people to meet the professor. The politician had responded by saying that he and his family had only ever driven a foreign car when they had lived overseas.

Cho Kuk’s daughter was the center of an immense scandal after it came out that she had forged documents to get into a prestigious college. The scandal was one of many involving his family that forced Cho Kuk to step down from his appointment as Minister Of Justice by President Moon Jae In.

Cho Kuk’s wife Chung Kyung-shim | Associated Press

The YouTubers have faced controversy before for allegations about Choi Ji Woo, Kim Gun Mo, and Seo Ye Ji.

Source: Wikitree