If You’ve Used This Popular App Trending In Korea They Might Be Using Your Face As An Ad

Kwai is a popular dubbing app in Korea that offers audio clips from shows and viral videos that users can record their videos over.

Celebrities like Sulli, IU, Suzy, and Han Ye Seul have all used the app, increasing its popularity among the general public.

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A clause in the terms and conditions, however, has caused a bit of a stir as it allows the app to use its users’ videos in their ads.

“A user’s Kwai Account can only be used by himself/herself as the Account is connected to his/her personal information and Kwai platform’s commercial information.”

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As stated, Kwai has been using their users’ videos in their YouTube ads without the users knowing.

Upon hearing about this, multiple users expressed their discomfort and complained to the app company.

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Unfortunately, they agreed to the terms and conditions in order to use the app, so nothing could be done about it.

If you don’t want your Kwai videos to be used in their YouTube ads, it may be best to make them private!

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Source: Dispatch