Yubin Names Which Choreography From Her Wonder Girls’ Days Was The Most Difficult For Her

She really struggled with this choreography!

Former Wonder Girls member Yubin names the choreography from her girl group days that was the most difficult for her to follow!

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Yubin recently sat for a TMI interview with GQ Korea, where she gave tiny tidbits of information about herself!

As she answered questions, she came across one slip of paper that asked her which Wonder Girls’ choreography she struggled with the most!

The most difficult performance as Wonder Girls?

Yubin then revealed that the toughest dance routine she’s ever had to do was when they were promoting in the US, with the choreographer Jonte’ Moaning! She named their song “Like Money” as their most difficult choreography ever!

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When we made it to the US, we often worked with the choreographer named Jonte’. There was no break in the choreography. Especially the song, “Like Money”; after dancing to that song, you get worn out.


She then further cemented her experience by saying that every other Wonder Girls member would definitely agree with her!

I think other Wonder Girls’ members will agree with me on this.


Wonder Girls made their US debut in 2009, and released the song “Like Money” featuring Akon in 2012.

Yubin recently made a comeback with the digital single “Perfume”.

Watch her talk about her Wonder Girls days from the 2:09 mark onwards!