Yubin Reveals Which EXO Member’s Song She’d Like To Do A Cover Of As A Challenge

Yubin loves a challenge!

Former Wonder Girls member Yubin talked about her passion for dancing, and also revealed she wants to cover a certain EXO member’s amazing choreography!

Yubin recently sat down for a TMI interview with GQ Korea, where she answered questions about herself!

One of the questions she was asked centered around her YouTube channel, and the question was:

What content do you want to do for your YouTube channel? Mukbang? Dance? Or vlog?

Yubin at first hilariously remarked that she doesn’t want to be limited to just one, and would rather try them all!

I want to try all of them. Why pick one? Just do it all!


But she then revealed that if she had to pick one, she’d choose dance, because she wants to show fans how she can conquer various dance genres!

But if I have to pick one from these…I would like to try various genres of dance. So, dance!


Yubin also talked about the genres and songs she would like to try dancing to, and specifically named EXO Kai‘s sexy choreography to his solo debut song, “Mmmh”!

I want to try the choreography from male idols. I love challenges. “Mmmh” by Kai is so sexy and awesome. I really want to try it! The choreography looked hard though. I would like to try it, that’s so cool. Why am I excited?


No matter what, Yubin will be able to pull it off with ease!

She recently made her comeback with a digital single titled “Perfume”.

Watch her talk about the dance genres she’d like to try here, from the 3:00 mark onwards!


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