Yubin Reveals How Her Thoughts About JYP Changed After Launching Her Own Label

She’s finding out more about JYP now that she has her own label.

Yubin, former member of Wonder Girls, recently set up her own entertainment label, called rrr entertainment! As she prepares for her first comeback since the launch, Yubin reflected back on her time at JYP Entertainment.

Yubin confessed that she continues to receive so much support and guidance from Park Jin Young. She feels blessed to have such a legendary connection.

I have my close family members, and I also receive a lot of advice from Park Jin Young.

When I first told him that I was going to set up my own agency, he gave me so much support. He became a source of strength as he told me what to look out for and what’s a good route to take.

A lot of people from JYP contacted me. I feel like I was blessed with good people around me.

— Yubin

Although she may be the CEO of her company, she’s in the middle of learning from her employees who are veteran businessmen. Her dynamic with her employees inspired her upcoming new song, “ME TIME”.

I’m only CEO by title, but I’m basically a low level employee. I have so much to learn. When I try to do what I learned from JYP by myself, I realize a lot of things.

We have 7 employees but they’re all veterans of the industry so I’m learning from them. If you look at our messages, I tend to say “yep!” and “yepyep” often. That’s why it was easy for me to write the lyrics to the song.

— Yubin

Considering she was with JYP Entertainment for over a decade, she realized so much more about her first family. She revealed that she’s so grateful and admires them even more after trying to run her own company.

I now realized just how amazing Park Jin Young and the JYP family were back then. I’ve become more thankful towards them.

I’ve come to realize that I was a part of a great company.

— Yubin

Yubin’s first comeback under rrr entertainment drops tonight at 6pm KST!

Source: isplus