Yubin Reveals She Was Added To Wonder Girls Within A Shockingly Short Amount Of Time

JYP called her out of nowhere!

To the younger generation of K-Pop fans, Yubin may seem like the original lineup for legendary group Wonder Girls. But she actually joined a year to replace Hyuna after the group originally debuted.


During a recent episode of Video Star, Yubin confessed that she was suddenly added to the group and only given 2 weeks to prepare for her official debut!

There were about 12 songs in the upcoming album. All within a span of 2 weeks, I had to record my part for the 12 songs, film the music video, learn about 3 choreographies and make my debut.

— Yubin


She explained that she was suddenly added to the group after Hyuna had to leave due to health reasons. Yubin was preparing to debut with another group but had to make a sudden change!

Hyuna was originally a part of the group, but she had to leave due to health reasons. [JYP] was searching for a new member, and I was preparing to debut with Five Girls.

I suddenly got a call saying, ‘You have to quickly go join Wonder Girls. You have to go now!’

— Yubin


And thus, one of the most legendary hits of K-Pop was born! With Yubin’s addition, Wonder Girls soared to fame with their famous song, ‘Tell Me’!


But Yubin confessed that none of the members liked the song while they were promoting it! Yubin believed she would be joining a group with girl-crush feels but was surprised by the sudden retro style!

We weren’t familiar with the retro style. We wanted to do a pretty concept, but they made us get perms and use colorful eyeshadows.

I thought we would continue with the ‘Irony’ concept, but when I joined they were preparing ‘Tell Me’. I had a mental breakdown.

— Yubin


Nevertheless, despite her quick addition to the group, Yubin went on to have a decade long history with Wonder Girls!

Source: Donga