Second-Generation Idol Surprises Fans By Sharing Couple Photos With Boyfriend

“Yes, this is the first time I am dating publicly…”

Wonder GirlsYubin uploaded several photos of her boyfriend.


Recently, Yubin shared several photos of herself and her boyfriend, Kwon Soon Woo.

In the photos, the idol and her boyfriend could be seen enjoying each other’s company on the tennis court. The couple’s photos are light-hearted, but it’s evident how much they love to be around one another.

Kwon Soon Woo (right) | @iluvyub/Instagram

This is hardly the first time the idol has uploaded photos of her boyfriend. Previously, Yubin shared photos of herself and her boyfriend taken at a photo booth.


The idol captioned her post in the sweetest way possible.

Yes, this is the first time I am dating publicly, and I like it so much.

— Yubin

Meanwhile, Yubin shocked the idol world when she revealed that she was dating Kwon Soon Woo. Kwon Soon Woo, who is 9 years younger, is a professional tennis player who was ranked as high as 52 in the world.

Source: star news korea
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