Yuehua Entertainment Announces EVERGLOW’s Mia and Aisha Will Not Participate In Upcoming Activities

They will be focusing on their health.

Yuehua Entertainment girl group EVERGLOW was recently confirmed to appear on Idol Radio together. On September 11, 2019, however, the company posted a message onto their official Twitter account that stated members Aisha and Mia would be unable to participate due to health concerns.

Hello. This is Yuehua Entertainment.
Mia and Aisha will be absent from the recording of Idol Radio (which will be on the 11th) for health concerns.
Thank you for your patience. The girls will be focusing on rest and recovery so that they would be able to meet you with a better image.

– Yuehua Entertainment

Additionally, the company has stated that the girls will be having a much-needed vacation during the Chuseok holidays.

Mia and Aisha will focus on rest. Additionally, all six EVERGLOW members will be able to rest during the Chuseok holiday. Thank you for loving and supporting EVERGLOW. Have a happy Chuseok.
Thank you.

– Yuehua Entertainment

Source: Everglow Twitter