Singer Yuju Announces Official Fandom Name

The meaning behind it is so cute!

Singer Yuju has officially revealed the fandom name and official logo online. According to KONNECT Entertainment, she has decided to go with the name LUVU, meaning that she will always express her love to her fans.

The meaning behind the name is that she will always love her fans no matter what happens. They have switched out the โ€œYโ€ and โ€œJโ€ from her name and replaced it with a โ€œLโ€ and โ€œVโ€ to create โ€œLUVUโ€, showing that her and the fans are each otherโ€™s halves.ย 

She also recently celebrated her 100 days since making her solo debut. Stay tuned for more updates on Yuju!