Yuju Opens Up About The Biggest Hurdle She’s Had To Overcome As An Idol

She really struggled with it.

Former GFRIEND member Yuju recently made her solo debut, and looked back over her long 7-year career in an interview!

Yuju | @konnect_YUJU/Twitter

Yuju recently shot a pictorial and sat down for an interview with Fault magazine!

In the interview, she talked about her solo debut album Rec. and title track “Play”, for which she participated in writing the lyrics!

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Though this is her fresh start as a musician, she has a good 7 years’ experience as an idol, and was asked to talk about the hurdle she found most difficult to overcome!

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When you look back on your artistic journey, what would you say has been the hardest hurdle you’ve had to overcome?

Yuju shared that as an idol, she found that maintaining her physique and keeping up to the visual standards expected of her was one thing she found very difficult, and also mentioned having to keep her emotions in check as another.

I think just the physical conditioning aspect and controlling my emotions. Since I am a person and not a machine, it was not always easy.


| @konnect_YUJU/Twitter

With her new start as a soloist, Yuju is truly growing into her own! She released her first album Rec. and title track, “Play”, which you can check out her!

Source: Fault magazine