Yuk Ji Dam reveals the reason behind her return to “Unpretty Rapstar”

A new photo shoot for Unpretty Rapstar contestant Yuk Ji Dam was recently unveiled to the public, highlighting her lovable charms.

The star and fashion magazine InStyle shared a sneak peek into the female rapper’s shoot on August 31st for its upcoming September issue along with a piece of her interview.

Yuk Ji Dam’s appearance as a contestant in the third season of the popular Mnet rap show brought shock to many viewers and fans as she had originally taken part in the first season in 2015.

During the interview, she reveals the reason behind her decision to rejoin the show, “I wanted the judge to see my hard work and tell me I am going on the right path. Compliments are the basis of my growth. When I rap or go on stage, your thoughts and mood shows through so I try to clad myself in confidence. That’s what I think hip-hop is. I am going to continuously stay confident and rap with confidence.”

The complete photo shoot and interview can be found in the September 2016 issue of InStyle.

Source: Sports Chosun