Yuna Kim is #1 on World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Figure Skaters

Yuna Kim was listed first in TSM PLAY’s list of the “World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Figure Skaters.”

TSM PLAY praised the figure skater and mentioned, “Yuna Kim is a champion of 2010 Winter Olympics. She performs with extraordinary figure skating talent and skills. She is also the most beautiful Asian athlete as well as a famous icon in figure skating. She also has excellent dress selection for events and competitions.”

Along with Yuna Kim, figure skaters including, Ashley Wagner (USA), Mao Asada (Japan), Sasha Cohen (USA), Gracie Gold (USA), Kaat Van Daele (Belgium), Irina Movchan (Ukraine), Meagan Duhamel (Canada), Tessa Virtue (Canada), have been honoured on the beauty skater list.

Meanwhile, Yuna Kim recently returned to the rink as a presenter for the 2015 Korean Nationals.

Source: Sports News