Yuna Kim of The Ark shares her reason behind leaving YG Entertainment

Yuna Kim, a contestant on Mnet’s Superstar K, has officially made her debut with rookie girl group, The Ark. The rookie star shared her reason behind leaving YG Entertainment during her trainee period.

After successfully completing their first debut stage, Yuna Kim mentioned, “I have been on air, but I never actually had a proper stage experience. Although it was my first performance, I enjoyed the stage without too much nervousness. Honestly, it was more tiring and difficult during my trainee years because we go up on stage in order to get reviewed. Now that I have stood on stage, I want to do more. I want to show how I transform and improve my shortcomings as soon as possible.”

Yuna Kim also shared her stories prior to her debut, she commented, “YG and my current agency have different atmospheres. In YG, all trainees are talented with strong presence, so it was very competitive. But here, everyone was going to debut, so we were able to bond easily. Everyone had clear positions so we developed good team work since beginning. Without doubt, my trainee period in YG was an important time for me. I was able to transform my mindset.” 

As mentioned, Yuna Kim spent a significant amount of time as a trainee in YG Entertainment. After deciding to leave the agency, she was set to continue on her studies to follow her path as a pharmacist in the United States. Despite her preparation to leave the country, she couldn’t give up on her long-time dream of becoming an idol and made her contract official with Music K Entertainment.

The Ark recently released their debut song “The Light” and is continuing on their promotions. Their debut has garnered much attention due to their unique style and concept.

Source: My Daily