Yunho discusses TVXQ’s comeback plans

Cassiopeia can start their countdown, because TVXQ is finally coming home after two long years.

It’s been a long wait since TVXQ‘S Changmin and Yunho went on hiatus to enter their mandatory military service. Cassiopeia around the world have been counting down to their release, but questions about whether a comeback would happen once they were both discharged were left unanswered.

The new year marks big moves for SM Entertainment, with TVXQ returning from the military, Super Junior regaining several members, S.E.S making their comeback, and new group NCT127 continuing their upward trend.

On October 1st, Yunho performed at the Ground Forces Festival covering “서쪽하늘”(Western Sky)” and TVXQ’s “Dream.” At the festival he told the fans in attendance, “Wait for my comeback with Changmin.”

Thank you. I would love to continue my performance here, but let me look forward to having a greater performance with Changmin later. And I was Yunho. Salute. Thank you.

This only spurred fans on more for their upcoming discharge, and if they reunite we’re sure to see something absolutely spectacular. SM Entertainment has not yet released any statements on a TVXQ comeback.

See Yunho’s performance at the Ground Forces Festival!

Source: Xports News