Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Was Asked How She Felt About A Possible Group Comeback And Her Response Will Melt Your Heart

SONEs get excited!

In light of her K-Drama Bossam: Steal the Fate ending, Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri recently sat down for an intriguing interview.

In her interview, Yuri explained that while filming the historical K-Drama was physically challenging, she was happy to do it. Yuri further explained that was able to endure the physical demands with the strength she gained during her trainee days.

I chose it knowing that I was taking the physical part. Even though it was physically difficult, I was happy and grateful. People around you knew that it would be physically difficult, so they were very considerate of the schedule. I worked hard and living well with the physical strength I trained during Girls’ Generation.

— Yuri

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Fans love hearing that the members still hold a special spot in their hearts for the group. When asked about her group and their possible comeback, Yuri responded with the sweetest answer!

Girls’ Generation is a place like my hometown, so I think I’ll go back someday.

— Yuri

Since the members have had time apart and flourishing in their own projects, if they do have a comeback, Yuri believes that it will truly be amazing.

Maybe that’s why our members have been active in their respective fields for a long time, especially these days, they’ve been very active. Since each of us has accumulated experiences, I think it will be a lot more fun when we meet again and our music and stage.

— Yuri

Furthermore, Yuri shared that the members talk more than ever these days so that they can release the best performances and music for their SONEs (Girls’ Generation’s fans).

We are talking as hard as ever so that we can go on to good music, good performances, and results. So I have high hopes that Girls’ Generation will definitely have good news, and I am also looking forward to it.

— Yuri



Source: Osen

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