Yuri confesses in tears that her personality is not fit for an idol

Girls’ Generation Yuri appeared on Olive TV’s show MAPS and confessed in tears about her situation.

On July 26th, Girls’ Generation Yuri appeared on Olive TV’s program MAPS and tearily confessed about her inner thoughts to actress Choi Gang Hee.


Both Choi Gang Hee and Yuri revealed on the show that although they do not get close to people easily, they really felt comfortable around each other. Yuri added that, “I was scared but I felt safe after unnie interlocked her arms with me. I was glad that she was there because I was scared. A companion that felt the same way that I did.”

When they returned back to their home, they started tearing and confessed their inner thoughts about their celebrity lives. Yuri then confessed in tears to Choi Gang Hee, “I felt as if I lived my life too busy. I think that is the hardest part about it. I started thinking that my personality doesn’t fit the role of being a celebrity.”

Actress Choi Gang Hee tried to comfort her by stating, “I, too felt the same way for 20 years. There are always slumps. There are times that I didn’t even know who I was. I had a personality to avoid things I’m scared of, but now I feel joy in overcoming hard obstacles that may make me embarrassed at times.”

On this episode of MAPS, teams were arranged between Choi Gang Hee and Yuri and between Kim Heechul and Simon D to drive around Jeju island to make a map together.

Source: Newsen