Yuri Feels Very Close With TWICE Because They Are Similar to Girls’ Generation

“I’m so happy I got to see them here on the show.”

TWICE members Jihyo and Nayeon went on the TV program Talk to You 2, where Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri is one of the hosts. When the TWICE girls grew incredibly nervous about being on a talking-centered show, Yuri tried to be a good “Sunbae (선배, senior in the industry)” by advising them to take things easy.


Upon being introduced to Yuri, Jihyo recalled the time the two girl groups met on stage.

“We’ve met at that end of the year performance…”

— Jihyo


Yuri also remembered, then claimed she feels close to TWICE because she is also from what used to be a nine-member girl group.

“Girls’ Generation went through some changes in the number of members, but we’re very much alike. So I feel drawn to them, like I’ve known them for a while. They feel like my younger sisters.”

— Yuri


Yuri was able to relate to Jihyo again later during the show, when Jihyo talked about the pressure of being the leader of a nine-member group.

“As you continue to build up teamwork, you’ll realize you’re not alone in this. The positions mean less and less as the years pass. Soon the members will think like leaders, and the leader will think for the members.”

— Yuri


Yuri pointed out how watching the TWICE girls talk about these things warms her heart.

“This really… makes my heart warm. These girls are so cute! It reminds me of when I used to actively promote with Girls’ Generation. I’m so happy I got to see them here on the show.”

— Yuri


Watch the full clip below:

Source: Asia E