Yuri’s Manager Reveals His Thoughts On Her Fanmeeting Controversy

He cleared the air a little bit.

Fans really look forward to interacting and talking with their idols at fanmeetings, unfortunately, they don’t always happen like in Girls’ Generation Yuri‘s case.


SONEs have been asking for a fanmeeting with Yuri for quite some time now and when she revealed one of the reasons why she hadn’t had one yet fans were rightly upset.

“They said you can’t just do a fan meeting at any time. Fewer fans could come. And so, My manager said it might be disappointing. So, I couldn’t say I would do one right away. But I know that there are many fans that are waiting for me, my manager might not know but I believe he will realize it slowly.” — Yuri


Her words were like a sucker punch to the heart and her fans immediately started voicing their displeasure.


Even with SONEs calling for a fanmeeting, one hasn’t been scheduled yet and fans have continued to wonder why. Recently one of her managers, Hyunje (@hyunjep), took to Instagram to answer questions. One of those was about possible fanmeetings.


Although he answered the question, it still left many people confused about exactly what he had meant.

  • “Uhh… what? Is he saying he’s cheering for her because she is Yuri, or she doesn’t have a fanmeeting because she is Yuri?”

  • “I don’t even understand what he’s trying to say.”

  • “What is he saying?”


Despite some of that confusion, her manager proved that he really does care about her when he was asked to name his favorite Girls’ Generation member.


While netizens may still be a little puzzled by his explanation about fanmeetings, knowing that he cares about her could possibly mean that Yuri’s managers are working on something so that Yuri can meet her fans soon.

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