Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Under Fire For Eliminating A Contestant On “My Teenage Girl” For Her Visuals

She was criticized.

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri is currently serving as a judge on MBC‘s My Teenage Girl. However, while fellow judge (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon recently gained praised for her judging commentary on the show, Yuri is under fire for a recent comment made.

As Yuri was making her decision on whether or not to pass a contestant, 15 year old Lee Seung Eun, she praised Seung Eun for her skills in dancing and singing, but later decided on eliminating her for a reason that drew criticism. According to Yuri, the young girl did not have a face that would attract stans.

The other contestants had been stunned as well when Lee Seung Eun and another contestant, Lee Ji Won, had been called up for elimination. Lee Seung Eun exceeded Lee Ji Won by far, in terms of skills.

Yuri even praised Lee Seung Eun for her cute looks and reverse charms in terms of charisma and skills. But ultimately, Yuri decided that every group needed a member that could attract stans. This is often called “stan-attractors” and refers to a charming type of face or personality that has nothing to do with conventional looks or talent but is that inexplicable charm. The vocal teacher agreed that Lee Ji Won was lacking in singing but had the potential, while Lee Seung Eun faded into the background when in a group.

Ultimately, Lee Seung Eun was sent home, but Yuri’s comments received negative reactions online. Netizens began questioning what was the standard for a “stan attracting face” and the standards for judging. Some even began questioning Yuri for her original position in Girls’ Generation at debut.

The clip can be viewed below.

Source: Nate News

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