NCT Yuta’s Radio Program “YUTA At Home” Extended…Why You Should Be Listening

Yuta’s weekly radio program will continue.🎉

NCT‘s Yuta has been hosting his own radio show for InterFM897, a Japanese radio station, titled YUTA at Home since December. It airs weekly on Fridays at 11 P.M. until midnight JST. He plays a variety of songs, including his own from NCT, in between various segments. Recently, he has confirmed that the program has been extended at least for March and that there is a lot that he wants to show fans.

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In the most recent broadcast, Yuta shared that he hopes that he will be able to connect even more with fans. He also asked for listeners to recommend songs for the segment “Yuta’s Power Play,” as well as favorite quote and lyrics. As an example, he said that he has been watching The Avengers recently. As a result, he goes around to his members, imitating his favorite superhero, Iron Man but saying “I am Yuta” instead.

Yuta (left) and Iron Man (right) | Koreaboo

He also shared that he is making nicknames for all the NCT members, such as “Febreze’s Taeyong” because Taeyong has three bottles of Febreze and when he sneezes, he says “Febreze!”😂If you’re a NCTzen, you’ll want to tune in to YUTA at Home because he shares lots of personal stories of himself, as well as his relationships with the group’s members.

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Yuta said that he really enjoys the opportunity of the radio program. It gives him the chance to communicate more with his Japanese fans, especially considering how difficult it has been to meet since the pandemic.
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He revealed that he has always wanted to do more Japan promotions and activities. He added that he feels like YUTA at Home is giving him more ability to do that. Because of this, he feels happy and believes that we can be expecting more in the future.
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You can check out InterFM897 below for more information.

Source: InterFM897 and @yutactix