Z.Tao Studio to possibly seek legal action on malicious rumours against Z.Tao

Z.Tao and his independent agency Z.Tao Studio issued a statement with regards to the incident that happened during London Fashion Week. 

On September 21st, Z.Tao Studio released a statement about the criticism received for Z.Tao’s inappropriate manners at London Fashion Week. Updating their official Weibo account, the agency firstly thanked Versus Versace for inviting Z.Tao and promised that there were be more opportunities like this for this for the singer.

Attached to the short update was a short statement about the alleged slander Z.Tao encountered during the incident and clarified that, “It is true that Z.Tao arrived late for Versus Versace’s show. We sincerely accept all comments and criticisms surrounding the incident. We greatly apologise and promise to learn from the incident.” 

However, it was added that as they clarify the incident to the public, it was emphasized that it was not done on purpose. Z.Tao reportedly left for the show an hour earlier but was stuck in traffic. He was left with no choice rather than run to the venue, considering that there were fans crowding the entrance as well. As a result, this led to the singer being ushered late into the show and disrupting the runway as he walked to his seat.

As the agency accepts all comments and criticisms about the singer, they have spoken out against the malicious rumours and will not hesitate to seek legal action from the online slander.

Meanwhile, Z.Tao was recently spotted attending Versus Versace’s collection presentation at Victoria House in London on September 19th.

The official statement is as follows:

The London Fashion Week marks Huang Z.Tao’s first time participating in an international fashion week. Huang Zitao and the Versus Versace brand have worked together pleasantly for numerous times in the past. It was great that Huang Zitao received an invitation from Versus Versace for the fashion week, and special preparation was put in for this fashion week. Thank you, Versus Versace, for looking well upon Huang Zitao, thank you for Versus Versace’s invitation once again!

At Versus Versace 2016 Spring/ Summer London Fashion Week, Huang Zitao was indeed late for the show. We sincerely accept the various criticism, while at the same time we would like to sincerely apologize to Versus Versace and learn from our mistakes from this experience.

However, at the same time, we would like to reveal the truth to everyone: being late was not intentional! There could have been some mishaps in the schedule planning. Due to uninformed circumstances, the road leading to the venue was blocked, so although Huang Zitao went out 1 hour early, there was still a traffic jam. In the end, he had to get out of the car and run towards the show. And at the entrance of the venue many fans were gathered there, so with the many factors it was a pity that Huang Zitao missed the opening ceremony.

Huang Zitao’s office will accept the various positive feedback and criticism, but will not accept the spreading of rumors and the intentional defamation with “Huang Zitao strutting across the stage,” “strutting on show,” “intruding show wearing old collections,” “snatching a seat,” “blacklisted by Versus Versace” and such malicious comments and actions. If necessary, we will not hesitate to take on legislative actions towards malicious commenters who bring harm to Huang Zitao.

Image: Z.Tao Studio's Weibo
Image: Z.Tao Studio’s Weibo

Source: Dispatch and Z.Tao Studio’s Weibo