Zach Sang Accidentally Confuses aespa’s Giselle With Karina, And NingNing Hilariously Does Not Let It Go

She won’t let him live it down.

When Zach Sang of the Zach Sang Show briefly confused aespa‘s Giselle with Karina, NingNing hilariously did not let him live it down.

Aespa on the “Zach Sang Show” | @zachsang/Instagram

The members of aespa appeared as guests on the show recently, where they spilled on everything from their original greeting, to how they deal with hate comments aimed at the group.

Giselle also got real about how deeply impressed she had been by all three of her members when she first joined SM Entertainment as a trainee. Having seen their training videos on the iPad given to her by a trainer, Giselle claims she was left totally in awe of their talent!

(From left to right) Aespa’s Winter, NingNing, Karina, and Giselle | Zach Sang Show/YouTube

One funny moment in the interview with Zach Sang came when he asked them which color they felt best represented them. Karina and NingNing picked blue and purple respectively, while Winter expressed her preference for white.

But when Winter got them all amusingly side-tracked with the cute figure in Zach’s studio, Zach attempted to get them back on track by asking Giselle which color best represented her. Except, instead of calling her Giselle, he accidentally referred to her as “Karina.” He quickly realized his mistake, but funnily enough, Giselle was ready to politely answer him anyway, despite having noticed it.

Karina? Sorry, Giselle! Geez.

— Zach Sang

Zach apologized again, saying, “That’s you, I’m so sorry. [And] I’ve seen you guys a lot this week!” Giselle hilariously replied, “Yeah, like three times.”

But she also took pity on him and added sympathetically, “You’re bound to get confused.” Zach, however, continued to apologize in embarrassment.

Later on, as they said their goodbyes, both sides acknowledged that they wanted to hang out and be friends. But seeing as they’d spent so much time together that week, Zach’s cohost commented, “Aren’t you guys sick of each other? You’ve been together like three days in a row.” Pointing at Giselle, NingNing then savagely called Zach out, saying, “But you still don’t know her name.”

Zach admitted, “You got me. But I’m down to be friends, I’ll remember each and every one of your names.”

And after Giselle told him about all the members’ real names, he promised, “I will learn your real names and I will call you by them.”

Watch the full hilarious exchange on the link below!

Source: YouTube