Gigi Hadid under fire for allegedly “racist” video mocking Asians

Gigi Hadid‘s sister, Bella Hadid, posted an Instagram Story video where she was seen squinting her eyes next to a Buddha cookie, allegedly mocking Asians.

The video was posted February 4, where the girls are out for dinner for a friends birthday. Bella zoomed in on Gigi as she placed a small Buddha cookie next to her face and squinted her eyes. The video has since been taken down but one viewer managed to download it and upload it on Twitter.

Some people defended Gigi, saying the response to the video was too dramatic.

Others were not surprised at the video, claiming that Gigi has had controversies before where people accused her of being racist. In the past, she was accused of cultural appropriation for wearing an afro for a Vogue Italia photo shoot.

Her mother, Yolanda Foster,  took to Twitter to defend her daughter, telling people to practice happiness and kindness instead of having a toxic mind.

This outraged people who felt that Asian’s are always made fun of but people never consider that racism.

To make matters worse, Gigi is currently dating Zayn Malik, who is of half-Pakistani descent. People were quick to comment on how she could do something like this when her own boyfriend is Asian. Zayn responded to this and defended Gigi by replying to a fan, saying Gigi likes Asians,

Fans, however, were not happy with this response, some telling Zayn to delete the tweet while others voiced their disappointment in his defense of her.

Regardless of her boyfriend and mother defending her, Gigi has not responded to this incident and has not posted anything on social media regarding it either.