ZE:A’s Contract Is Ending, Here’s What May Come Next

Im Siwan may not be continuing with Star Empire Entertainment. The decision of the other ZE:A members is also in the public’s eye of interest.

ZE:A’s contract will be ending in January of next year. As the group has not promoted as a group in a while, speculations are arising that certain members may be leaving the agency. This would ultimately mean the end of the group as we know it.

Star Empire has revealed that nothing has been decided upon yet. The members and agency are still negotiating extending their contracts.

Source: khrux
Source: khrux

In particular, members Im Siwan and Park Hyungsik have been successful in dramas and movies. Many believe they may make the transition to acting completely. Hwang Kwanghee has always made a name for himself in the variety field. He is a fixed cast of Infinite Challenge.

Attention remains fixed on whether the group will be able to stay intact.

Source: Osen