ZE:A’s Kwanghee reveals he plans to meet with G-Dragon and Taeyang

ZE:A’s Kwanghee continues to talk about his Infinity Challenge Music Festival experience and reveals that he still remains in touch with G-Dragon and Taeyang

In a recent interview, Kwanghee rehashed his experience with G-Dragon and Taeyang after forming the group HwangTaeGee with the two singers. In a statement, he reveals that he feels great because he was able to perform a different genre that he never got to do with ZE:A, further expressing that it was a big chance for him to persevere and prove his talents.

Upon mentioning the chance to work and get to know G-Dragon and Taeyang, Kwanghee was asked if he was still able to keep in contact with two artists. To this, he responded, “Yes, we cannot break the contact. Sooner or later, we had to meet.” 

Meanwhile, when asked about his new role as part of the cast of Infinity Challenge, he states that as he is getting comfortable with the show, the pressure remains the same as he feels that he hasn’t done enough yet.

Check out the rest of Kwanghee’s interview on Beauty Bible 2015. 

Source: OSEN