ZE:A’s Kwanghee shocked at Damyul’s popularity

ZE:A member, Kwanghee, made an appearance on the recent episode of Oh! My Baby, and was surprised at the immense popularity of Kim Jungmin‘s son.

Kim Jungmin’s son, Damyul, shocked Kwanghee with his popularity when he paid the family a visit. Both Kwanghee and Kim Jungmin decided to take baby Damyul out, and as soon as he was spotted, fans came flooding in trying to take pictures. However, it wasn’t Kwanghee and Kim Jungmin they were trying to take pictures of, it was baby Damyul! Upon seeing this, the idol become embarrassed that more people flocked to take a picture of the adorable baby instead of him.

Later in the interview Kwanghee stated, “The show ‘Oh! My Baby’ has a lot of bodyguards. There were so many that my fans got pushed out of the way.” The staff then came to say that there were no body guards, to which Kwanghee laughed embarrassingly and said, “Honestly, today was embarrassing. The people left me behind, and took pictures of Damyul instead. Even with Park Hyungshik (fellow ZE:A member), I have never been this humiliated.”

Source: Newsen