Controversy Erupts After ZEROBASEONE Allegedly Ditches Fans For Afterparty

“I’m so over them…”

ZEROBASEONE is facing backlash for allegedly leaving fans to go to an afterparty.


On November 30, ZEROBASEONE won the “Best Male New Artist Award” at the 2023 MAMA Awards.

ZEROBASEONE’s Gunwook accepted the award and thanked the group’s fans, his fellow members, and staff for making their win possible..

Soon after the award show, however, ZEROBASEONE members were trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

“Afterparty” trending on Twitter

According to netizens, the members had spent all but two minutes on a livestream with fans before leaving. Many netizens then accused the group of ditching their fans to go to an afterparty.

ZEROBASEONE’s livestream ended as soon as I entered. WTF?

— @gmu_115/Twitter

It seems they hurried to end the livestream to go to an afterparty. Yeah, I’m sure it was more important for them to go to their party rather than thanking fans on their livestream.

— @bbb0700710/Twitter

ZEROBASEONE won the New Artist Award and then ended their livestream after 2 minutes? I’m so over them.

— @mattluv_shine/Twitter

Some fans defended the group, stating that the group shouldn’t be criticized for going to an afterparty, especially considering the group was made by the CJ Group, who owns Mnet.

? Why are you guys criticizing our boys? I don’t understand. Why is everyone so mad?… Is going to an afterparty something to get this mad over? They are just rookies who just debuted, how can they not go? They are a group that CJ made, so how could they not go? And they are just calling it an afterparty, but isn’t it more like a company outing?

— @iiili11lio/Twitter

We should be criticizing (CJ) for having the afterparty. It’s not like the group can refuse if they don’t want to go.

— @050110070320s22/Twitter

Still, more fans felt like, afterparty or not, a 2-minute livestream was way too short, considering the group’s big win on the night.

I mean, I don’t want to criticize them for going to an afterparty. It’s just that I’m f@cking pissed about the 2-minute livestream, LOL. It just f@cking sucks that they didn’t even tell the f@cking fans what time the livestream would be, and after waiting for 10 minutes, they ditched us after just 2 minutes.

— @uppppspsss/Twitter

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