ZEROBASEONE’s Jiwoong Is Going Viral For His Dramatic Transformation Since Pre-Debut

Jiwoong’s supposed transformation has sparked a flurry of discussion among netizens.

K-Pop fans and Korean netizens are currently buzzing over the stark transformation a member of rookie boy group ZEROBASEONE has seemingly gone through. An online post on the widely frequented community site, TheQoo, has gained considerable attention, amassing more than 53,000 views and nearly 400 comments.


The post brings to light the alleged transformation in appearance of Jiwoong, the eldest member of the group. A collection of snapshots from before his participation in Boys Planet — the survival show where the idol group ZEROBASEONE was formed — to his recent pictures as a burgeoning idol was posted online.

Jiwoong | TheQoo

According to netizens, the pre-debut and post-debut images display a notable shift, showcasing how the idol’s physical appearance and style have been dramatically tailored since his entrance into the spotlight.

| TheQoo

In the pre-debut photographs, Jiwoong carries an imposing figure, exuding a powerful and sexy aura. From a sharp jawline to his muscular biceps, the pre-debut images demonstrate his distinctive masculine appeal. Furthermore, his tall stature adds to the overall strong and intense visuals.

| TheQoo
| TheQoo

However, the current images of the rookie idol tell a different story. Jiwoong’s recent uploads accentuate his adorableness and softer side. His makeup and style have been seemingly curated to emphasize a more endearing, youthful image, prompting netizens to attribute the transformation to the common change in style that K-Pop idols usually undergo after debut.

| TheQoo
| TheQoo

Before Jiwoong entered Boys Planet, he had already made his debut as a singer in 2016 as a member of the K-Pop band INX under the stage name Jinam. Despite the group’s disbandment in late 2017, Jiwoong’s journey in the entertainment industry didn’t end there.

Jiwoong as INX’s Jinam. | NA Entertainment

He made his acting debut in the 2021 web drama The Sweet Blood, which garnered him a lot of attention and recognition. Since then, he has graced various K-Dramas such as Don’t Lie, Rahee (2022), Kissable Lips (2022), Roommates Of Poongduck 304 (2022), and The Good Bad Mother (2022).

Jiwoong in “Kissable Lips” | Rakuten Viki


Jiwoong’s supposed transformation from a sexy actor to an adorable idol has sparked a flurry of discussion among fans and netizens alike. Some find the change endearing and an exciting development in Jiwoong’s career, while others reminisce about his past image.

With the buzz surrounding Jiwoong’s transformation, ZEROBASEONE continues to be in the limelight. And as Jiwoong continues to flourish in the idol world, fans are eager to see what lies ahead for him and how his image and style will evolve over time.

Despite the changes, one thing remains constant – Jiwoong’s commitment to his craft and passion for performance. Whether it’s a sharp jawline, muscular biceps, or an adorable, softer image, Jiwoong is an artist who is willing to embrace change and growth, adding yet another layer to his appeal.

Source: TheQoo