Netizens Unimpressed With ZEROBASEONE’s New Musical Direction For “Crush”

“I thought by now companies would realize this type of construction noise music boy groups do is horrendous…”

On November 6, rookie boy group ZEROBASEONE released their second EP, Melting Point, with the title track “Crush”.

This first comeback was made only a few months after the Boys Planet group first debuted in early July this year with the extremely successful Youth in the Shade album, which made record-breaking sales numbers of over two million units sold.

With so much hype around the group, their first comeback was highly anticipated after the success of their debut song “In Bloom”. So when their new title track, “Crush”, came out, fans were eager to listen to new music from the talented boy group.

However, the song has not been entirely well-received. “Crush” took an entirely new direction from their previous lead single, going for the popular “noise music” sort of trend that so many boy groups are using these days.

While not an inherently bad genre — many fans enjoy this type of music, otherwise it wouldn’t be so widespread in K-Pop right now — many think that this was a disappointing development for ZEROBASEONE, who debuted with such a fresh and bright concept.

Some are even saying that it’s not even a good example of noise music to begin with, which has made many noise music fans dislike the song as well.

Here’s what netizens are saying in the comments section of a forum post about ZEROBASEONE’s new comeback, which are overwhelmingly disappointed in “Crush”.

There were a few positive comments on the post from people who did enjoy the song, though they were far fewer than those who expressed distaste.

How do you feel about the new direction that ZEROBASEONE has taken?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa