“Literally Harassment”: ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky Refuses Inappropriate Request During Fan Call

Many fans consider it sexual harassment.

Virtual fanmeeting clips are garnering attention for the wrong reasons.

A fan recently shared their fan calls with ZEROBASEONE‘s Ricky, and other ZEROSES (ZEROBASEONE fans) are not having it.


In their first fan call with Ricky, the OP (Original Poster) asked Ricky to call them master/owner. Ricky just waved the request off and continued by changing the subject.

The clip went viral with 98.9K views at the time of writing. Netizens wished the idol could have just hung up but applauded him for how he handled the situation.


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During their next fan call, they asked if he remembered the last thing they had said to him, to which he nodded yes.

Do you still remember from our last fancall what I said to you? (call me master/owner)

— Fan

Yet, when the fan asked him to call her master/owner, Ricky politely declined, explaining why. Despite this, the fan whined, asking again, to which he shook his head no.

Fan: Could you call me that once more? Just once, I didn’t hear it last time.

Ricky: I can’t call you that; I have to be reserved.

Fan: I beg you.

Ricky: *shakes head*

When the fan persisted, Ricky stood his ground. He told them “to listen to other things” while smiling politely.

Fan: It’s very expensive to come (do a fan call) once.

Ricky: You can listen to other things.

The clip went viral with 846.4K views on X (formerly Twitter) at the time of writing. Netizens were shocked by the fan’s suggestive request and persistence when Ricky had already declined. Again, many are also praising Ricky for standing up for himself and refusing such an inappropriate request.

Netizens have also begun contacting ZEROBASEONE’s company, WAKEONE, voicing their concerns as they believe the fan’s actions are sexual harassment. They hope this fan will be banned from future fan meetings and/or events.

Boundaries between idols and fans continue to be a trending topic. Read more below.

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