ZEROBASEONE Ricky’s “Scary” Makeup Draws Mixed Reactions

“Bro did absolutely nothing to you for you to be hating like this.”

While ZEROBASEONE‘s Ricky is admired for his musical and performance talents as he should be, something that also drew many people to him even during his time on Boys Planet were his striking visuals. He’s undeniably a very handsome guy, and it’s easy to see why he had so many people swooning for him so early on!


He’s one of those idols that looks great barefaced, but also suits a variety of different makeup styles as well.


However, an aesthetic that he was recently styled with has been drawing mixed reactions from netizens due to its “scary” nature, with some people enjoying the look while others are criticizing it.

His stylists have already had some criticism for going more “extreme” with his makeup in recent times, pairing pale-colored lenses with overly dramatic eye makeup that sometimes give him an almost sickly or vampiric appearance.


And for a video he recently posted performing a cover of ENHYPEN‘s “Bite Me” choreography, this makeup style was in full effect as he also played the part of a dark, ethereal monster, which fits the vampiric concept of the song.

However, not everyone saw the appeal in the character he was portraying.

Some people reacted poorly to his appearance in this video, comparing it to previous makeup styles he had that they find more appealing and flattering.

But plenty of others hit back at the criticism. They defended Ricky’s vampire concept and the way his stylist chose to style him for it, saying that the overly pale foundation and eye makeup was intentional. Others think that Ricky is just attractive enough to pull off anything, even a more difficult concept like this.

How do you feel about Ricky’s recent makeup looks?


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