ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky Is Going Viral For His Unique Eye Makeup — But Not Everyone Seems To Be A Fan

It goes against the traditional Korean “puppy liner” style!

ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) is set to debut after the members were chosen through Mnet‘s recent reality show Boys Planet. Amongst the popular final lineup, member Ricky has recently gone viral for his unique eyeliner trend, but not everyone seems to be a fan.

ZEROBASEONE member Ricky | Mnet

During the show, Ricky gained a lot of attention and quickly became a fan favorite for his talent, visuals, and of course, his charisma that gave netizens the iconic “Young and rich, tall and handsome.”

It meant that netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when Ricky was announced in the top nine Boys Planet and secured his place in debuting with ZEROBASEONE.


While Ricky has always gained attention for his talent, visuals, and personality, he has recently gone viral for his unique and flawless makeup, especially his magnificent eyeliner.

In photos shared online during ZB1’s recent, netizens were loving that Ricky’s eyeliner was dramatic with a sharp swoop.

When the photos were shared online, netizens couldn’t get enough of the style and how different it was from other idols. In particular, the length and sharpness perfectly matched the idol’s unreal visuals and charisma.

If it wasn’t impactful enough to gain love on Twitter, when a video of the beautiful looks was posted on TikTok, it quickly gained over 200,000 views in less than 24 hours of it being posted.

| @rickydni/TikTok

Even on TikTok, netizens couldn’t get enough of the style of eyeliner which was definitely unique.

Amidst the praise, there has been a debate on who is doing the beautiful eyeliner. While it is normal for idols to have makeup artists do their makeup, it was revealed that Ricky was known to do his own makeup on Boys Planet, so many believe he continues to do it flawlessly now.

Yet, the reason many believe it is all down to Ricky is that the style seems to contrast with the Korean technique of “Puppy Liner.” While most people flick their eyeliner up, like Ricky, Koreans tend to swoop down.

The puppy liner look that is popular in Korea | Cosmopolitan

Yet, while international netizens couldn’t get enough of the look, many shared that the fact it didn’t fit Korean conventions seemed to be an issue. In particular, many noticed that some of Ricky’s fansites had removed the dramatic eyeliner in favor of something more subtle.

Many fans hope Ricky will keep the unique eyeliner style he is becoming known for. It definitely highlights his visuals even more and could quickly become the newest trend for K-Pop fans.

You can read more about Ricky below.

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