ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin Gains Attention For His 20,000 Won ($15 USD) Coat

He’s had it since high school!

It can be difficult to relate to K-Pop idols and their often luxurious-seeming lifestyles, especially when they frequently dress in expensive, high-end clothing and accessories. And with so many of them advertising and being ambassadors for such luxury brands, it can make some fans feel like they need to spend a bunch of money in order to support and dress like their favorite idols.


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That’s why it can be incredibly refreshing when K-Pop celebrities are seen in more “normal” attire, and that was the case recently with ZEROBASEONE member Sung Hanbin.


The beloved rookie idol was recently spotted in public with what at first seems like it could be an expensive, high-quality coat.

However, it turns out that not only has Hanbin had this coat since he was in high school, but it only cost around 20,000 won (or ~$15 USD)!

The fact that he’s had this coat for so long and yet it still looks so clean and new shows that Hanbin must take good care of his clothes, and fans are loving how humble and modest this sort of behavior makes the ZEROBASEONE member seem.

Sung Hanbin has already grown a large and supportive fanbase with not only his impressive performance abilities but also his kind and endearing personality, and this is just another thing for fans to love him for!


Here’s how netizens are reacting to the humble coat on a forum post about it.

Hanbin definitely seems like a relatable and down-to-earth guy despite being a popular K-Pop idol!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa