Netizens Are Swooning Over ZEROBASEONE Sung Hanbin’s “Innocent And Pretty” Bare-Faced Visuals

How can someone be this talented AND handsome?

Though Sung Hanbin may not have ended up placing first on Boys Planet, he came in at a very close second, and is still one of the most popular contestants from the survival show.


In the days now leading up to the group ZEROBASEONE‘s official debut, anticipation is growing to see what kind of concept and music they’ll end up releasing with such a talented selection of trainees. Netizens are definitely talking about the group and its members now that the line-up has been confirmed.

Recently, some photos of Sung Hanbin have been shared on an online forum that showcase just how handsome he looks without makeup on!

People are gushing about how pretty and innocent Hanbin looks with a bare face, proving that he really doesn’t need any at all.

Commenters are sharing how his refreshing visuals match his sweet, kind-hearted personality, making him impossible not to like!


It seems like Hanbin really did get lucky by being handsome, talented, and an overall lovely person.


It’s no wonder he ended up placing so high during Boys Planet for he entire run of the show, and we have no doubt he’ll succeed once he debuts as a K-Pop idol!


Here’s what netizens are saying in the comments on the post about Hanbin’s bare-faced visuals.

Who can’t wait for Hanbin and the rest of ZEROBASEONE to debut?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa


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