ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin Proves Just How Perfect Of A Dancer He Is With Side-By-Side Comparison Video

“You’re telling me this is not the same clip what.”

Recently, a video comparing two different performances of the same song by ZEROBASEONE member Sung Hanbin has been spreading across the internet due to just how in sync he is with himself.


They were both taken when he was still a contestant on Boys Planet, and each were from performances of their song “Here I Am”.

It was already fairly common knowledge among those that watched Boys Planet and are fans of Hanbin that he’s extremely multi-talented in different fields of performance, and obviously works very hard to be that way.

It has become even more apparent just how consistent he is as a dancer, though, after viewing the two performances side-by-side and comparing them to each other!

At first, it’s easy to mistake the two videos as being the same one due to just how perfectly aligned his angles, timing, and overall dancing is. But you can tell by the different background and some different facial expressions that these are, indeed, different performances.

Netizens are stunned by the comparison video, some of them having a hard time realizing that they’re two totally different clips despite looking practically identical.

The video even became the topic of a post on an online forum, where the comments were filled with nothing but praise and admiration for how talented and hard-working Hanbin is as an idol-to-be.

We can’t wait to see what other ways Hanbin shows off his immense talents in his future career as a K-Pop idol!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa