ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Taerae Confesses That He Is “Afraid” Of Ricky

“When I catch you, Ricky!”

With nine talented and handsome members, it’s hard to imagine being afraid of anyone in ZEROBASEONE (also known as ZB1).


Yet, in a recent live broadcast, Kim Taerae revealed the one member he is afraid of.

Kim Taerae | @zb1official/Instagram

Kim Taerae was asked by a viewer, “Which member are you most afraid of?” He hesitated to answer, but he ultimately confessed that he was afraid of one member a little bit, and it was none other than Ricky!

Ricky’s visuals and talent are so out of the world that it’s hard to believe he might even be real. So, we can sort of understand where Taerae is coming from!

Ricky and Kim Taerae actually have such a great friendship!

You can’t help but love them.