Netizens See A New Side Of ZEROBASEONE’s Zhang Hao At The “2023 Melon Music Awards”

His reactions weren’t what they expected.

Because of ZEROBASEONE‘s Zhang Hao‘s “chic” visuals, netizens thought the rookie idol would keep a straight face for the entire 2023 Melon Music Awards. They were in for a welcome surprise when he turned their expectations upside down.

Zhang Hao

While other idols show blank faces to avoid attention, Zhang Hao was having the time of his life. During KISS OF LIFE‘s performance, he danced along to the girl group’s song. He even amused his fellow member Seok Matthew with his accurate moves.

Even when Zhang Hao wasn’t seated, he couldn’t help dancing to aespa‘s “Drama” and nailing all the signature moves.

When ZEROBASEONE was preparing to hit the stage, Zhang Hao was still having fun. Fans spotted him dancing to NewJeans‘ “Super Shy” backstage.

Even though Zhang Hao is an idol, netizens were reminded that he’s still a K-Pop fan and were happy to see his cute side. Just look at how excited he was to see the performances.

Zhang Hao’s visuals may give off a “cold” vibe, but he’s really an adorable fanboy who’s happy to see his faves.

Source: Instiz and Twitter