ZEST’s agency reveals alleged rape victim was a former idol

In the midst of a rape scandal, ZEST‘s agency Zenith Star Entertainment revealed that the alleged rape victim and accuser is also a former idol. 

On March 5th, it was reported that an unknown male idol group member (B) has been accused of rape by a woman in her 20s (A). The incident supposedly took place last year in November, which also points to the fact that the male idol member was underage as he was born in 1996, while the female was born in 1991. According to ZEST’s profile via Nate, only members Choi Go (최고) and Duk Shin (덕신) are listed as ’96ers.

Netizens uncovered the accused hailed from the group ZEST, which led to the agency denying such allegations.

In the latest update, the agency revealed the accuser to have been a former idol member herself.

An official revealed to TV Report“I heard that ‘A’ used to be an idol but her group was disbanded before they ever made it. From what I know she is not active in the entertainment industry. It is true that the two dated last year but ‘A’ is suddenly framing sexual assault on ‘B’ now that the relationship is over. It confuses me why she is suddenly claiming to be a victim. ‘A’ is also demanded that ‘B’ leaves the group and if he doesn’t that she would sue for sexual assault. When we did not comply she reported B to the police.”

Source: TV Report