Zico and G-Friend’s new tracks prove popular as they rank to the top of the charts

Though Crush‘s latest release featuring Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has been dominating the music charts for the past few days, Zico and G-Friend are giving them a run for their money.

On January 26th, Zico released his single Break Up 2 Make Up along with music videos for both his title tracks, “I Am You, You Are Me” and “It Was Love.” Following its release, “I Am You, You Are Me” shot straight up real-time charts and placed in #1, dethroning the previous track “Don’t Forget” by Crush featuring Taeyeon which had been dominating with an all-kill for the past three days prior.

With that single, Zico proved that he was not chained to just a single genre of hip-hop and could create compelling music with urban R&B.

On the same day, rookie girl group G-Friend, who recently celebrated their 1st anniversary since debut, released their mini-album SNOWFLAKE with their title track “Rough” also rising up on the charts. “Rough” ranked in various placings between #1-3 with its release.

G-Friend continues forward with their “power innocent” concept, yet showed maturity in this latest release.

Source: OSEN