Zico Was Watching Netflix’s “Kingdom 2” When He Had The Best Reaction To The Zombies

No one but Zico!

With the latest hype of Kingdom Season 2 on Netflix, Zico got on board to binge the show while on self-quarantine… but only Zico would ever have this reaction to the zombies!

Zico uploaded a series of photos that best captured his reaction. He captioned it, “I just got into it…

In the first photo, Zico is seen completely immersed into the scene when the shot turns to zombies suddenly running towards the screen.

Zico immediately turns around with fear stricken on his face!

Scared for his life, Zico bolts over the couch and runs for his life away from the zombies!

Zico got way too into the show that he literally ran for his life! Only he could ever think of such original reactions to the latest hype!

Check out Kingdom 2 on Netflix if you haven’t already!

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