Zico To Collaborate With American Hip-Hop Trio Migos

They’ll be lighting up Le Grand Hip-Hop Festival in Seoul.

Le Grand Hiphop Festival is the largest hip-hop festival in Korea, and it’s set to boast a lineup of big-name hip-hop artists including Migos, 2Chainz, and French Montana.

This year the international artists will be collaborating with Korean artists. Among them, Zico is set to collaborate with America hip-hop trio Migos.


Migos have become a powerful force on the hip-hop scene and have hit the Billboard charts in 2017 as well as earlier this year. They’re also currently set to host the event.

Source: Variety


It makes sense that Zico will be collaborating with the latest hip-hop princes. Zico’s one of the most famous hip-hop artists in Korea!


This is not the first time that Zico is performing with an American hip hop artist. He had a previous collaboration with Wiz Khalifa back in 2016.


Zico’s got everyone mad excited for the festival!


Check out everything you ever need to know about this collaboration below:

공식 홍보 동영상 | 르그랜드 힙합 페스티벌 Le Grand HIPHOP FESTIVAL

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Source: Newsen