Zico reveals how he and Seolhyun came to be in a relationship on “Radio Star”

During a recent episode of MBC‘s talk show Radio StarBlock B‘s Zico admits to his relationship status with AOA‘s Seolhyun.

The relationship between Zico and Seolhyun was revealed in early August, and Zico has now appeared on television to share his story.

Zico explains that “We were sunbae [and] hoobae and kept in touch but we were careful about it.” He tries to relate to the audience as he mentions the common occurrence where, “You know how for no reason you start [to have] feeling[s] for some people and things start developing, that’s what happened.”

Panelist and rapper Simon D commented, You can tell someone has feelings for you if you look at what they write you”, and questioned Zico, “Did you play games with her (like the text game [where you message] back late on purpose pretending you’re less interested than you are)?” 

Zico was surprised by the question and rejected the notion, claiming, “I can’t really do that cause of my personality. When I work, I don’t read texts, I read everything  when I’m done.” He remains cautious about his exposed relationship, mentioning, “I think it is right for us to be careful in every way possible.

Source: My Daily