Zico Tells Fans To Put Their Cameras Away During Latest Performance

Block B‘s Zico recently shared some words of advice for his fans to follow this year. The Countdown Seoul 2017 @ Times Square in Yeongdeungpo concert event was held December 31st, 2016 to bring in the new year. The event featured artists such as Rhythm-power, Simon Dominic, GRAY, Beenzino, Zico, and DJ Park Narae.

While concerts are meant for fans to enjoy their favorite artists perform live on stage, fans also have a habit of recording performances and watching artists through their cameras and phones rather than with their eyes. After seeing this happening while he was performing, Zico made this simple request to the audience:

“Please put your cameras down. Everyone, remember this moment with your eyes. You spent a lot of 2016 with a camera in your hand. It’s 2017 now. Let’s keep this moment to our selves, we can’t share this with anyone.”

While some photos were still captured during the event, the lack of photos and footage from the event has indicated that most of the audience put their cameras away and enjoyed the set. Songs on his set list included “Bermuda Triangle,” “Boys and Girls,” and “말해 Yes Or No.”

You can watch Zico’s performance of “말해 Yes Or No” below.

Source: YTN