Zico Reveals The First Impressions Of Artists He Collaborated With In The Past

His first impressions are all shocking, hilarious, and spot on!

The ever-talented Zico has collaborated with numerous top-charting artists in the Korean music industry, so a curious fan asked what his first impressions were of these music giants.


Zico once collaborated with Taeyang for a track, titled “Fear”, for Song Mino‘s Show Me The Money competition.


According to Zico, Taeyang’s first impression was solely on talent. Zico thought, “He’s really good.


He’s also collaborated multiple times with his best partner in crime, DEAN.


His first impression of DEAN before their bond grew into an everlasting brotherhood? “This kid will make it!!


Singer Crush also collaborated with Zico and DEAN on “Bermuda Triangle”.


And when Zico first met Crush, he thought: “He’s odd.


No one can forget the beautiful collab between Zico and IU for “Marshmallow” and “Soul Mate”!


What’d he think of her? Zico must’ve thought IU would be the serious-type because he wrote that he didn’t expect IU to be so funny!


Zico had featured on Giriboy’s “Deliberate Woman”. When he first met Giriboy, he thought… “It was nice to meet him.


Lastly, Zico mentioned PSY. Zico wrote PSY’s hit song “I LUV IT”.


What did Zico think of the King of performance? A true “veteran“!


With such a stellar lineup of collaboration artists, who will Zico be surprised by next?

Source: Nate Pann

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