ZICO’s New Single “Soulmate (Feat. IU)” Has Just Been Released

ZICO’s new single featuring IU is absolutely amazing!

ZICO’s new single featuring IU has just been released!

The music video and album for Zico’s “Soulmate (Feat. IU)” was released at 6 pm, July 30th.


“Soulmate (Feat. IU)” is written, composed and produced by ZICO himself along with Poptime, who participated in the composition and arrangement. Meanwhile, the chorus is by ZICO, CRUSH and IU.


ZICO had begun promoting the album a few days before its official release through a series of images related to the album cover.

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He even posted a teaser for the song and revealed the retro concept that has built anticipation among fans who were eagerly awaiting the collaboration of these two amazing artists.

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“Soulmate (Feat. IU)” is significant in the fact that it is ZICO and IU’s first collaboration in 9 years since IU’s “Marshmallow”, which was released back in 2009.

IU and Zico performing “Marshmallow” at IU’s “2017 Tour Concert – Palette” in 2017.


With the release of his new single, ZICO is set to begin his first solo concert tour “King of the Zungle” in Seoul on August 11th and 12th! Check out ZICO’s “Soulmate (Feat. IU)” below:

Source: My Daily